Centre for animal care sciences

Centre for Animal Care sciences conducts applied research in disciplines, viz. veterinary care sciences, disease management, and reproductive & conservation biology. The centre develops standardized protocols for mitigation of human-wildlife conflicts, protocols for animal care of important species of the state under ex-situ and in-situ conservation. This centre documents research findings and creates data-base of good practices in wildlife and conservation biology.

Following are the important sections of this centre,
a. Hematology and Biochemistry Laboratory

Hematology and Biochemistry section uses blood/urine or any biological samples for disease diagnosis and assessment of health parameters of wild animals. The laboratory results/findings enable the assessment of vital organ function viz. hepatic, renal, cardiac profiles and thereby design apt therapeutic, nutritional and supportive management for sick animal both in captivity and in wild.

Leaf Mountain

Vacutainer array with specific preservatives for different hematological and biochemical study Sample analysis in Bio-safety cabinet Type II (A) for containment of highly infectious micro-organisms

Pathology section uses samples collected from post mortem examination of wild animals. This section deals with histopathology/toxicological examination of various tissues collected from dead animals to ascertain the confirmatory cause of death. The microbiology section deals with the identification of infectious origin of a disease, epidemiological approach in disease transmission and disease management thereby increasing the chances of survival and conservation of species both in captivity and in wild.

Dr R. Sridhar, Senior Wildlife Pathologist conducting necropsy of a bonnet macaque at AAZP, Vandalur

Histo-pathological microscopic slides of samples collected from animal necropsy

Inoculation of bacterial culture in indicator medium for identification and Characterization of the causative bacteria