Government sanctioned following three research centres to the institute during the year 2017-18. The establishment of various laboratories in each research centres are in progress.

1. Centre for Animal Care Sciences

a) Pathology and Microbiology Laboratory

-Analysis of Necropsy tissue samples of vital organs for confirmatory diagnosis of cause of death through Microbiological and Molecular assays

b) Hematology and Biochemistry Laboratory

-To aid in effective therapeutic management of diseases using hematological analyser, biochemistry analyser and urinalyser.

c) Diagnostic Laboratory

-Advanced portable diagnostic equipment like digital X ray, ultrasound machine, vital signs monitor to aid in emergency ambulatory care of sick and rescued wild animals.

d) Veterinary Demonstration Laboratory

-Demonstration laboratory for demonstration of restraint operations for frontline forest department staffs to develop humane capture methods in wild animal rescue operations

2.Centre for Wildlife Forensic Sciences

a)Morphometry Laboratory

-Species identification by macroscopic and microscopic evaluation of Gross anatomy of Biological samples.

b) DNA Laboratory

- Species identification by molecular methods involving DNA. -Involves DNA extraction, isolation and identification with PCR. The major equipments associated with this lab are thermal cycler, refrigerated centrifuges, Gel Doc trans-illuminator, Genetic analyser, and cryo freezers for storage of biological samples.

3. Centre for Conservation Education

-Capacity development for knowledge based conservation practices.
-Hands-on training for forest officials at multiple level, scientists, veterinary assistant surgeons and researchers.
-Publications of Research work as scientific papers, journals, newsletters, monographs and books etc.