Centre for conservation education

The major focus of this Centre is to influence people’s attitudes, emotions, knowledge, and behaviors about wildlife, its habitat and its conservation by developing specific programmes and learning resources that are tailor made for stakeholder requirements. The Centre is expected to put in practice, a well laid and effective feedback mechanism for constant innovation and improvements, which would help spread the conservation message through various extension activities. Conservation education centre is responsible for bringing the research carried at AIWC to the field through different modes of communication (print, audio, video, etc). The work will mostly focus on the zoos, ecotourism sites, and tiger reserves etc., where tourism activity and outreach activity constitute the major part.

Our centre’s major works are conducting field training programmes for forest department staff in collecting and handling wildlife samples, organizing webinars, short term internship programmes, guest lectures, nature walks for students and conducting environmental impact assessment studies. The centre is also becoming a repository for all research work conducted in the forests of Tamil Nadu.

Thrust areas

Education for all: creating opportunity for students to experience research in the field of wildlife forensics, ecology, outreach and science communication through internship programmes.

Equipping field staff: by organizing training, workshops and webinar programmes in various aspects of wildlife conservation such as wildlife crime investigation, evidence and biological sample collection, disease management in animals and use of technology in monitoring wildlife, forest department staff can perform more effective and smarter.

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