Dr Sunil Kumar Verma received his D.Phil. in Medical Oncology from the University of Oxford, UK and has worked. Dr Verma known for his significant contributions to the development of "universal primer technology", a first generation DNA barcoding method, used to identify any bird, fish, reptile or mammal from a small biological sample to satisfy legal evidence requirements in a court of law. Patents relating to this invention have been filed in several countries and the technology is being routinely used across India for species identification in cases of wildlife crime. He is the recipient of several coveted awards such as the Sanofi Pasteur Young scientist Award (2009), BioAsia Innovation Award (2009) and Meritorious Invention Award of NRDC, DSIR, Govt. of India (2011). He has authored several research papers, book chapters and was granted 11 Patents in the arena of Environment and Forests and wildlife Conservation. Presently, he is a Principal Scientist at CSIR-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad and is working on Development of novel DNA based identification system of Plant bioresources (both agri and wild varieties grown/harvested) for conservation.